Building and maintaining your dog grooming supplies can be expensive. That’s why Groomadog Academy partners with top-quality vendors to provide discounts for dog grooming students. 

You’ll be able to invest in professional-grade grooming tools and equipment at a fraction of the cost!

Below you’ll find a list of Groomadog Academy's preferred partners who offer special discounts to Groomadog Academy's students and graduates. In most cases, these offers are available to you as soon as you enroll!

More discounts go here to come soon!

Dog Grooming Kit

When you enroll in Groomadog Acadmey grooming course, you’ll will need to order your Tool Kit directly from the warehouse by calling 770-781-4228.

Ask for the Groomadog Academy tool kit and give them your address and they will ship it directly to you.

Depending on your location estimated cost for the kit plus shipping can range from $580 to $620. The kit is $600 and this is an additional cost separate from tuition.

You are getting these tools at costs and delivered directly from the warehouse. This starter kit contains some of the key tools and equipment you’ll need to groom dogs professionally.

This starter kit will go a long way not only to help you complete your online course, but also to enter the industry as a fully-equipped dog grooming professional!

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