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Groomadog grooms dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. We cater to the dogs here at Groomadog and it is ALL ABOUT THE DOG.

Each client has individual needs and ideas and we are here to serve. A lot of our dog clients loves the spa treatments that we offer.

Groomadog offers a great variety of things to the Blythewood Community. The Academy is a school where dog grooming is taught as a profession so you have your choice on prices from different levels of groomers.

Don't worry - My staff and I are always making sure your dog is groomed appropriately! Our groomers as well as our students love the dogs and each one is treated with tender loving care.


Our Groomers are:

• National Certified Master Stylist
• Certified Dog Stylist
• Student Groomers

List of Services: Call ahead to reserve placement and get on the schedule! (910-575-6154)

Spa Treatments: 

What a life! This is the bomb as each pet that gets this special treatment gets to wear their ducky robe, special gold collar, Bark BQ lunch and of course hot towel wraps. Facials, Pawdicures, Mud packs, and Massage - Each of these treatments sound yummy but they actually do serve a purpose.

The additional spa treatments (over and above the haircut) are normally 20.00 each at other spa's but here at Groomadog they are $7.00 each or 3 for $15.00.

Don’t like toe nails clipped? Okay, we will get a handler to hold and calm the dog while the groomer cuts the nails. We go out of our way to treat your dog with TLC.

Our certified professional groomers are trained to accommodate the geriatric dogs, puppies first haircuts, and many more of the canine needs.

They cannot speak for themselves so it is nice to have an experienced team of certified groomers that can speak dog. Bark Bark!!!

On your first visit please let us know as much as possible about your dog so we can be aware and perceptive.

About Student Grooms & Cost Savings: Student grooms are cost effective and great for the price conscious but sometimes the student groom can be time consuming so we have to have some rules in place for the safety of your pet.

The first groom is given by one of our National Certified Professional Groomers to evaluate the dog to see if it qualifies to be a student groom.You will always get a professional groom unless you ask for a student groomer. 

1. Student dogs should come as often as every 6 weeks
2. No matted, biters, or wiggly dogs 
3. Geriatric dogs needs to be groomed by a professional as it is quicker and the experience of the groomer can tell if the dog is in distress.
4. Be sure to let us know if you do NOT want a Student Groomer for your pet.

Schedule a Groomer Today: 910-575-6154

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