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The Original Correspondence Course

I welcome you to the world of dog grooming. You may feel apprehensive about taking a correspondence course. Taking this particular course, we can set your mind at ease.

Because dog grooming is typically taught in a residence school, many doubt that it can be taught by correspondence. This course is conducted in such a way the instructors will be able to evaluate progress and provide feedback to students so that they will be fully prepared to confidently groom dogs. I am the founder of two well-established resident grooming schools. I taught dog grooming every day, wrote several workbooks, professionally produced Groomadog videos, and owned and operated a professional grooming shop for 18 years grooming 35-40 dogs a day along with my four employees. I wrote the Groomadog Academy distance-learning course and I am a National Certified Master Groomer.

You should only consider this correspondence course if you are serious about becoming a professional dog groomer. This is an alternative to attending a residence school and being away from home for 3 months. I have designed this program to teach everything you need to know to include opening your own business. I travel the US opening grooming shops for people, so who would be better to help you open yours?

This IS a 90% Hands on course. You hand in homework and final grooming exam (on video) not written. You will have social media to visit with other students.

If you would prefer a residence school we also offer a twelve week program. We also offer a package where you can come to resident school for six weeks and finish out with correspondence.

If you are already a groomer, contact me. I have several ways to enable me to critique your techniques.

I also may be able to come to your shop for a seminar. At this time we now offer a three week class at the residence school.

I have personally trained hundreds of people to groom. I feel that you are in good hands for your correspondence course and that you will have a positive impact on the industry. You will find grooming at home rewarding and profitable.

Our home study dog grooming correspondence courses are 90% hands-on, and licensed by the SC Commission on Higher Education.

Cannot get away for 12 weeks to pursue your dog grooming dreams?

Then this is the course for you. We teach the five basic haircuts then with this knowledge you have what is needed to groom any of the 145 breeds. Kathy started this “Basic Five” teaching technique in 1990 when she opened her first residence school.

Many of her correspondence students go straight into opening their own shop and /or getting there masters or competing. Note: I would like to say that in the beginning it is intimidating and you feel apprehensive; however by lesson 3 you will be glad you were persistent and stuck with it. By lesson 6 you will be thrilled. We feel your learning abilities will be maximized by the quality of this course. We are setting the standards by which home studies credibility is heightened.We are the first home study school in the United States to offer one-on-one consultation or conference calls. Also available is a half and half course, come to school for 6 weeks then go home and finish out by correspondence.

Call for pricing.

Your certificate is from a licensed school.

If you are serious about dog grooming as a profession, your certificate will mean more to your future when the course you have taken has been approved by not only state licensing standards, but the programs standards are designed to meet the NDGAA standards.

Groomadog Academy students are opening their own businesses ( Business Pro Package )and grooming with confidence because they have been grooming on their own since day one. Where in a residence school you graduate never having groomed a dog without your instructor.Learn everything from hand scissor techniques to snap-on comb shave downs. You will learn to groom dogs, not just shave legs. This course prepares you for the real grooming world with the knowledge to hand scissor and do things the right way.340 hours of not only grooming dogs but optionally how to open your own business.You will have your instructor and you will also get their cell phone number. You will text, email, Facebook and other social media to talk with other students and graduates.

All our home study dog grooming courses have been written by Kathy Sanders, a National Certified Master Groomer who founded, owned and operated one of the largest successful dog grooming schools on the east coast. She has trained hundreds of people how to groom dogs and even how to set up their own business. She also offers an on-campus residential school in Blythewood, South Carolina.

We empower people with the knowledge needed to succeed in their dreams. If you are through dreaming about grooming then follow me to your aspirations. It’s not a pipe dream nor a fantasy, it can be a reality. We will help you SUCCEED in Dog Grooming Certification!



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$1375.00 - TUITION

$225.00 - APP FEE

$1600.00 - TOTAL

This is a 340 hour certificate course 

$1450.00  IF PAID IN FULL

$620.00 tool kit bought separate. Order with your enrollment number to get this price.  

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