Grooming Tips


You can either purchase ready made bows or make your own. If your bows have rubber bands you take a tiny bit of hair and put the bow on as though you were putting a ponytail in long hair. Make sure you wrap it at least 4-5 times or the bow will fall out. Do not get to much hair, it can cause a sore. It also causes the hair to mat. If its on the top of the head and to tight, the dog can not blink.


Should be nice and loose. Not too tight. Never cut anything but dog hair with them. Not even human hair. Never tighten them to the point that the blades grind against themselves. They should be loose enough to close on their own when held sideways. " As soon as you can, buy a second pair. We like to use one pair for before bath preps and one pair for after bath finishes. Of course the last pair you dropped would become your new prepping scissors.(Before bath cutting.) Count on it, you will drop them, it ruins them after about the third time the tips will quit cutting.

LARGE DOGSLarge dogs should not be bathed but every 3 - 4 months. It softens the coat and takes away their natural oils. 


Teeth are very important. Although we do not clean teeth at the grooming shops. We should lift the lips and check for anything unusual that needs to be reported to the owner. Tarter on the teeth could cause liver, kidney, or heart disease in the latter years of the dog.


HEMOSTATS & EAR POWDER: Use the ear powder and lightly powder the ear canal. Careful not to use too much. Taking only a few hairs at a time, using the hemostats, shake and pull the hair gently, taking the hair out of the ear canal as far as you can see. DO NOT TRY TO TAKE TO MUCH HAIR AT A TIME. Then take your cotton swab and dip in alcohol. Squeeze out the excess liquid from the swab. Swab out the ear canal. If the ear is extremely red or draining, it should be brought to a veterinarian’s attention. Your hemostats should be cleaned in alcohol after each ear. This prevents the spread of ear infections and / or ear mites.


TOENAIL CLIPPERS & QUICK STOP Always cut the dogs toe nails holding the nail cutters straight up and down or slightly sideways. Never upside down. This would pull on the nail and make it uncomfortable for the dog. Until you are comfortable with the nail cutters, you can cut a little at a time. Stop when you see a spot in the middle of the nail. Usually black but sometimes white. You must always cut the nail, even if it doesn't look like it needs it. The quick grows out to the end of the nail. When you cut the nail to the quick, just before bleeding, the quick recedes. Therefore the more often you cut the nail and the shorter you cut, the shorter the nails and the quick will be. Don't forget to check for dew claws on all four feet. When forgotten, the dew claw can grow so long it grows INTO the leg. Quick Stop or nexaband can be used if you cut the dogs toe nails so short it bleeds. Apply small amount of quick stop to the nail and apply pressure for a few seconds.


Always use the small end of the comb unless you are trying to get out mats. Always comb up on poodle legs. When we use the term roll back, we are speaking of rolling the comb back. It makes the hair stand out. This is better displayed in the video.


Use the brush aggressively to get out mats. But never push hard enough to scrape the skin. Brush burns are very painful for the dog and frightening for you. You do not even have to touch the skin when brushing. Line brushing meanshold the hair up with the opposite hand your brushing with, brush down pulling a little bit of hair out from under the hand holding the hair. If you brush into a matt. 

Blog Post written by:
Kathy Sanders