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Residential Dog Grooming School Option Visit:
Groomadog On-campus School

Contact Us:
Ridgeway. SC 29130
Phone: 803.920.5629
Fax: 803.786.2023
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Welcome to Groomadog Home Study Online
Licensed Dog Grooming Correspondence Courses
Our home study dog grooming correspondence courses are 90% hands-on, and licensed by the SC Commission on Higher Education.
Lot's of Video Clips and Feed-back!
  All our home study dog grooming courses have been written by Kathy Sanders, a National Certified Master Groomer who founded, owned and operated one of the largest successful dog grooming schools on the east coast. She has trained hundreds of people how to groom dogs and even how to set up their own business. She also offers an on-campus residential school in Blythewood, South Carolina.
We empower people with the knowledge needed to succeed in their dreams. If you are through dreaming about grooming then follow me to your aspirations. It’s not a pipe dream nor a fantasy, it can be a reality. We will help you SUCCEED in Dog Grooming Certification!
Extensive All Breed Dog Grooming
This is the on-line course that we offer. If you want to change careers or critique the skills you already have, this is the course for you. You'll learn how to turn the clippers on to how to open your own business. We teach the five basic haircuts, then we teach the minor changes needed to turn one of these haircuts into any of the AKC breeds. Our correspodence sudents ae doing as well as our residence students... - 340 hour course.
( $200 Application Fee )
Full Details
Business Pro and About Studing for Master Grooming
The study of master grooming not only gives you the credibility of a master groomer but also gives you the knowledge to breeze through NDGAA testing and many other grooming associations testing. Not sure what to expect? Our students are already grooming to national standards and achieve their goals with confidence. Also in this package is the 19 things to do to open your own grooming business. This package is some of the same advice given when Kathy travels as a groomers consultant to groomers locations for critiquing their skills and their shops. In some cases turning their shops into schools. This is not a certificate course. This is a package you can purchase.   
Full Details
Enhancing your Skills
Are you a dog groomer? Do you wish you had the self-assurance to charge more for your work? You know you are good but you don’t feel the confidence to set patterns or go to competitions?  ($250.00 Application Fee ) 72 Hours
Full Details
Groomer's Assistant Course
This is a very in-depth course that will get you started in the grooming industry. You will receive a certificate of groomer's assistance. You will have grooming familiarity that will be a powerful tool to an enhanced pay scale. You'll learn line brushing, blowing dry, de-matting, cleaning ears, cutting toe nails, sanitary clips, time management... Not Available by correspondence, Resident School Only
Comprehensive All Breed Resident Course
For those of you that want to learn dog grooming in a one-on-one atmosphere, this is the course for you. This on-campus school takes three students at a time. You will not have to compete for the instructor’s attention. Kathy instructs 80% of these classes in person, she provides each student with their own dogs to groom each day. Recommendations for room and board available, as well as pick-up and delivery to and from school... ($250.00 application fee and $600.00 tool kit is included) Enroll in the next class. Don't forget to ask about the Business Pro Package!!!
Full Details

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Kathy's Tool Kit
Kathy's Tool Kits

This is the professional tool kit that Groomadog Academy uses in its school. The detailed itemized list is in the catalog.

Our price is close to $500.00 plus shipping. We update this kit often please call for quote.
Your price for this kit is not wholesale.
Students email, text or call the school to get your enrollment number to order.
Deluxe Intro Packet
This is a must have for all dog owners, even if you don't take a dog grooming course. If you own a dog, this is for you. If you are interested in taking the dog grooming course, this is a sample introduction to the school.
This 15 minute video will cover:
• How to clean ears
• How to properly bath
• How to line brush
• How to cut toenails
• What is clipper burn?

• Blow dry
• Health Tips
• Tangled hair
• The danger zones

All this and More For Only: $29.95


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Hi Future Groomers of America:
"I'm Izzie"

I'am Isabelle Jingles Sanders. My mom is the owner of Groomadog Academy. She says I am too cute... I love her cuz she feeds me green beans and carrots for snacks. She tells me bedtime stories and laughs at me when I jump in a mud puddle and my daddy lets me do anything I want to do. He is not all paranoid like my mom, for a while when I was a baby I thought my middle name was no! Anyway, come to moms school and have fun with all the other students. Izzie


Licensed by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
1333 Main Street, Suite 200 Columbia, SC 29201 Telephone: 803.737.2260
Licensure indicates that minimum standards have been met: it is not an endorsement or guarantee of quality.